to the web or contemplation, stimulation and information. The first title is a poetry collection.

The aim of Onley Publishing is to provide a range of ethical information products at affordable prices. Material published will focus on spiritual, practical and leisure subjects, with the occasional injection of humour.

The company was founded by Trevor Boys who has a lifetime of experience in the book trade, selling a wide variety of general, historical, academic and religious titles. He and his wife Annie attend Bilton Evangelical Church in Rugby.



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Facing the Light is a further collection of inspirational poems and images by Anne Haynes. This collection is particularly useful for private or corporate devotion and times of meditation and prayer.

Proclaim  is a resource designed for leaders of Cell and other small groups. This is a contemporary Christian play in the setting of a one-hour radio chat show. Proclaim will provoke lively discussion as it tackles questions being raised inside and outside the Church today.

Proclaim RaininaDryLand

To Reign or Not to Reign is John Knight’s positive response to the doubt and unbelief so prevalent in the Western Church today. The reader is challenged to develop a faith consistent with Biblical truths. This book contains many wonderful testimonies to God’s healing love and grace as well as personal anecdotes which will be of encouragement to many.


Who Holds Your Reins? speaks of the extraordinary growth in the pilgrimage movement in our generation, and tells some exciting stories of present-day pilgrimages. An ideal companion for those who undertake the Camino de Santiago walk across northern Spain.

WhoHoldsYourReigns Pathways

Pathways  is a collection of thought - provoking poems and images by Anne Haynes which provides the reader with a source of much uplifting and inspirational material.

Rain in a Dry Land is a remarkable story of how God’s power and love at work, meeting and transforming His people even in the most desperate of situations, can bring hope, reconciliation and healing. John speaks candidly of his reluctance at becoming a priest and how God gradually broke down the barriers in his life.

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