to the web or contemplation, stimulation and information. The first title is a poetry collection.

                  in our Summer programme is Proclaim a play written as resource material for groups which poses challenging questions and will undoubtedly provoke lively discussion.


Proclaim is a resource designed for leaders of Cell and other small groups. It will facilitate discussion about various contentious questions that even Christians are sometimes afraid to address.

The play features an imaginary Christian radio show where the host fields phone calls from listeners who ring in. The callers have different and specific issues that they wish to raise and discuss. The host tries to engage the callers in a short dialogue that “opens up” each topic rather than trying to focus on a specific teaching or a “right” answer.

Each call is of a few minutes duration and is a separate track on the CD.

Why you need to buy Proclaim

“Your material is excellent in that it covers a considerable number of subjects that raise queries with those who are approached with the Christian “offer”. All of them valid, all of them challenging to the Church as a whole.”

Revd. Canon John Knight

“A thought-provoking and useful resource especially for small groups. It should stimulate worthwhile discussion on some difficult questions and is notable for its absence of “pat” answers.

Revd. Peter Allen

“A great resource that will get your small group tackling the questions being asked inside and outside of the Church today.”

Vineyard Pastor Rob Gee


For more information about Proclaim or to book a live performance of the play contact Mark Smee on 01327 704623

 Proclaim is available for £9.95 plus p&p


What’s so special about the Bible?

Why does God allow suffering?

“A fun and stimulating resource to get your group engaged with issues of faith”

Lawrence Singlehurst/Trevor Withers, Cell UK



Women in leadership?

Do you have to belong to a church to be a Christian?

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