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Rain in a Dry Land is a remarkable story of God’s power and love at work, meeting and transforming his people and bringing hope, reconciliation and healing. With disarming honesty and potent humour John Knight describes his years of spiritual barrenness as a Church leader. As God gradually broke down the barriers of  “religion” in his life,  things began to change in the church where he was Rector. Despite the constant threat of death and dispossession as guerrilla war escalated, members of the Church began to see the power of God at work in every area of their lives.

“An extraordinary testimony to the faithfulness and living active power of God.”                                                                                          Michael Cassidy

“Eminently readable, interesting, thought-provoking and using an easy and fluent style that enables one to engage with the author”         Nigel Townsend

Rain in a Dry Land

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