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To Reign or Not to Reign is John Knight’s positive response to the doubt and unbelief so prevalent in the Western Church today where basic doctrines of faith and Biblical credibility are often questioned, even denied.  Is it surprising then that many in our ‘pick-and-mix’ society believe anything or nothing?


In addressing the issue of doubt and unbelief, John challenges and encourages the reader to develop a faith consistent with Biblical experience.   To Reign or Not to Reign contains  many wonderful testimonies to God’s healing love and grace, as well as personal anecdotes to encourage the reader.

Billy Graham said ‘no alcoholic was ever more in bondage to his habit of drink than many Christians are to their habit of doubting.  In fact, many Christians have settled down under their doubts as though they had contracted an incurable disease’.


We cannot but be unaware of the levels of doubt and unbelief amongst Christians – especially, surprisingly, those in leadership.  Basic doctrines of faith and Biblical credibility are not only questioned, but actually denied.  So is it surprising that many in our ‘pick and mix’ society, given such questionable leadership, believe anything or nothing?


To Reign or Not to Reign is an attempt to provide a positive response to these issues.


John Knight was born  Penzancel and emigrated to Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) as a baby and educated there until 1948.  He attended Leeds University and Mirfield Theological College before returning to Rhodesia where he was ordained into the Ministry.  He became Dean of Mutare Cathedral for a number of years before being forced to leave the country.  Following his return to England he served as Rector of Emmanuel, Northampton and also as Rural Dean. John then ministered to three villages, Greens Norton, Bradden and Litchborough before temporary retirement in 2005.

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